In 2018, we successfully secured investment from Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden after almost three hours of intense negotiation!

CEO, Sam Piri, 31, walked away with the investment and expertise he wanted. Peter and Deborah’s team have been working very closely with us over the last year allowing us to expand the ITAE Group.


Our events are more prominent than ever before - whether you’re a teenager, undergraduate, healthcare professional or member of the general public you can engage with us by clicking on any of our concepts below.

Life after the Den...
Deborah led the investment process which was a round of due diligence. The Dragons put a team around me and began preparing the broadcast. The episode attracted millions of viewers and we had to ensure that we were ready to service the demand. As due diligence got underway we awaited the broadcast date. In 2018, we invested in our own AV kit, including sound and lighting. We have built our own box office system to process ticket sales and expanded our event offer to become both an educational provider and an events production company.

Since Pitches to Riches…
All of us at the ITAE Group are outcome-focused and move quite quickly. Our leadership team have a very broad set of skills which enables us to action things very quickly. Since Pitches to Riches was filmed there’s been some more exciting developments. We recently commissioned the manufacture of our own Big Top Tent meaning we can now run events in more locations, reduce ticket prices, and increase our capacity. We’re also now operating in the Netherlands and Ireland as well as on our way to set up events in New York and Chicago!


It would seem Tej’s throw away comment regarding running a circus may be coming true!


The Post-Mortem Live



Monday 25th May

7.00 pm 

ITAE Productions Limited trading as the The Post Mortem Live under licence from Inspire to Aspire Events Limited. Full Terms of use can be found here.


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