The Post-Mortem Live 


Despite the global pandemic, we have decided to go ahead and continue the UK-wide promotional tour of a funeral hearse branded The Post-Mortem Live.

The hearse is out on the road as part of the production companies working fleet ahead of our live broadcast to smart-TV’s, tablets and smart phones this May.

The Post Mortem Live has been a project we have been working on for the last 12 months and we don’t want the hard work put in by our production teams wasted when we can still go ahead with the broadcast. In light of this we have implemented social distancing and taken the decision to proceed as planned despite the current pandemic. The Post-Mortem Live offers the fascinating chance to see inside a mortuary and the work of a pathologist. We strive to inspire and inform enthusiasts who are simply fascinated by their bodies along those who are seeking to academically learn more about it. The human body is a fascinating machine and each and every one of us own one. We should be talking about it and we should want to know more about it, especially what happens in disease states. Death is a part of the cycle of life and will happen to all of us, while a taboo subject -we want to get the nation understanding why it’s important to lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid placing anymore strain on our precious NHS.

We understand that some people may find the campaign distasteful however one of these vehicles will carry all of us to our final place of rest. We use a variety of mediums to interact with our audiences and this is a real-life way of engaging with a proportion of the public that online or print material may not typically reach. The use of a hearse symbolises where scientific fact meets human emotion. Death, its causes and the emotional aspect is addressed in the final episode as Sam and his team determine the cause of death. The promotional vehicle is also a prop and features in the opening sequence of the show. The sciences are traditionally an underappreciated and often avoided subject by a large proportion of society. Now, more than ever, we need the sciences and we need people to engage with them. In fact, I would go as far as to say humanity as we know it depends on science right now. Time and time again societies of the past have tried to sensor science bowing to taboo and public opinion. We at The Post-Mortem Live are trailblazers and we intend to tell its story. We make no apology for this.

We can confirm that at 13.13 on 7th May 2020 our employees were stopped by Scotland Yard in London who examined the vehicle. We have provided our team with Key Worker letters which were confirmed by the Police before the team were sent  on their way to go about their duties.

The Post-Mortem Live is an interactive recreation of a post-mortem using the world’s first semi-synthetic cadaver and porcine organs. Viewers are encouraged to get their hands dirty and dissect at home as each episode airs under instruction from the expert team. Organs can be purchased from a butcher or by ordering them online where they will be delivered ahead of the show -maybe in our hearse.


The unique and divisive live show will be broadcast online live in five parts. You can tune in to nationally acclaimed human anatomist Samuel Piri and his clinical team from 7pm on Monday 25th May and every night that week with episodes all on a 30 day catch up. Viewers will be able to join in and ask questions during the live show and interact with the presenters. No deceased humans or human organ organs feature in the series.


Press enquiries, exclusive interviews and extra comments can be obtained, journalists should contact Tom Barnes at


The Post-Mortem Live



Monday 25th May

7.00 pm 

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